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Thursday, February 03, 2005

And so it begins...

Hello Friends:
What's going on? Well on my end, many things. In fact so many that I am kinda stress'n, but it's all good. God is in controll!

For those of you who haven't already heard, I am heading to Rwanda on a missions trip for 4 months. Something the Lord has been calling me to do for a while now. I am so excited and passionate about going and serving God, not to mention a wee bit scared too. It's ok though because I KNOW God is in control. He rocks!

Rwanda is a country in desperate need of God (really, who isn't). If you want to read a bit more about Rwanda, lonely planet is a good site. I would love to talk to you about but time is short today so you can just check things out there.

I am working with a missions group called International Teams. They have been so great. Those of you interested in missions you can check out Iteams and those of you who aren't interested...you can check it out too.

Alrighty my peeps, I am gonna get some work done. Hope you enjoy my blog. Obviously when I am in Rwanda it will be a great way for you to see what I am up to. Have your self a good day. And remember don't just be another dead fish on the sidewalk! (for you Melissa)
Peace out


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