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Monday, February 21, 2005

Boring weekend turned interesting

On friday morning I was sitting around at work thinking...'man I have nothing to write about in my blog'...then I went to trill...
Trill is this stupid place way back in the bush and when I say way back I mean farther in the bush then any normal person would ever want to go. Mike and I (he was my boss in the summer but not anymore) went to trill in the BRAND NEW rental truck! I was driving on the icy icy icy(with no salt or sand!) roads. I don't want to bore you with the details but we rounded a corner we began to slid hardcore! We ended up in a snowbank/ditch off the side of the road. Actually only 2 tires were not on the road but that was enough for us to get stuck. There we were in the middle of no where with a truck stuck in the ditch. We walked to a nearby home...one of the few out there and called for a tow truck. We decided not to let a beautiful day go to waste and pulled out the snowshoes and went snowshoeing while we waited for our lift. After we got tired of that we jumped into the truck and began to read. I have been reading "Shake Hands with the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda" it's a great book and helps me prepare for my upcoming missions.
The tow truck finally came and we were able to get out. I didn't get home till 6 that night as we were so late due to our predicament. Oh well, live and learn.

Roadie with Kari
Vanessa basketball team was playing U. of T. on saturday night in Toronto. I wanted to go support my girl so I decided to drive up with Mr. Jakola. I'll tell you Melissa and Vanessa are great road trip buddies but I see now where they get it from. Kar-dawg, as I so lovingly refer to him as, brought along the portable DVD player and we watched the Gospel of John on the way up. Very good I recommend it. Anyways we got to Toronto at about 4ish and the game didn't start till 7. WE purposely drove all over town...yeah we did it on purpose we weren't lost. We found the gym and a parking spot and then Kari and I hit the town. We went to a magic store(actually this was before the gym) and saw some cool tricks, a book store, and saw some 'interesting' books, and hit up a Tim Hortons too. Kar-dawg made a friend there, a street guy, who "had a frozen thumb because he never wears mitts or gloves". He explained to Kari that he couldn't open his creamer due to his frozen thumb. Kari being the genious he is, suggested "why don't you use the other hand". After this great revelation, the man thank Kari as if he had saved his life, and went to use the washroom exclaiming "I need the key to the bathroom, cause I gotta use it!!!" Everyone in Timmies heard. It was quite funny. Ummm maybe you had to be there.
Anyways the game was great and there were more LU fans than Toronto fans, it was awesome, best I have seen them play all season. Kari was cheering his heart out too! He even stood up a few times, I credit that to another excitable fan, John D. I think his enthusiasm rubbed off on Mr. J. Though the game was close through out LU came up with the 70-58 win and now heads to Ottawa for the eastern conference final on saturday. This saturday in North Bay is also the provincial finals for OCAA volleyball. I will be heading up to cheer on my girls!
Well I hope this blog finds you well.
Peace out


  • At 11:45 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    ok...erin types "Vanessa basketball team"...for the second time. come on now! is that my new name? lol...sorry, it just made me laugh when i read it. anywhoo...fantab blog! you kill me! haha...anywhoo, so glad you came to support the Vster. MUCH appreciated. road trip was good times...kari snoozing in the back. teehee.

  • At 5:03 AM , Blogger Asylum said...

    Ok, I am actually DYING over here!! AHAHAHA...I have a stitch from laughing so hard. I mean, really, that is a classic Kari roadtrip...to a tee. Ya, and even though it is new information to me, I am not surprised the least that he has a portable DVD player! Ohmy, good times, good times with the homeless and magic.

  • At 8:21 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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