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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Frozen face and friends!

Hello friends
Well yesterday was an interesting day. I got 2 fillings replaced and my mouth was completely frozen. I couldn't speak well and so that made me want to speak even more because I sounded so funny. The dentist I went to was SO nice too. I really liked him.
I also got to see my good friends Sue, Justin and Benoit. Sue and Benoit were visiting for reading week. It was really great to see Sue. We were really good friends in high school and had LOTS of fun together. Looking back at high school I see how blessed I was to have some many awesome friends. We were not the typical high school group. Ou idea of a fun night was playing football in the nearby school, or playing hide and seek in the dark. When so many other teens were getting into drugs and alcohol we were playing games, going tobagganing and just having fun! Cheers to my high school friends...alls ya all rock!
So anyway we had a great visit and have some coolio plans for Easter.
I went to Cambrian and dropped off something for Dale and got talking to Jewel. She is the athletic department secretary, she's cool. We talked about Rwanda and all the possiblities there. It is so encouraging to talk with people who support me and think it's great that I am going. Thank you for your support. Speaking of support I am going to give a small presentation to my church on Sunday...kinda a nervous but kind of excited too. We'll see how that goes.

OCAA volleyball
Today marks the start of the OCAA volleyball championships in North Bay. My girls WILL win! I have no doubt in my mind. They are doing so well this year and I know they have it in them! My girls rocks! So good luck ladies (you don't need luck though, you got skill) and have fun. You can track Cambrian progress by clicking on the volleyball link of the right hand side of the page. Enjoy the gumballs and smokes Dale:)


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