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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Name that car!

These past few days I have been so successful at accomplishing what needed to get done. I have beaten procrastination, for the time being...hahaha.

On tuesday morning I left Waterloo at 6ish. Brian was kind enough to wake me up, and I was off in a flash, stopped for gas and hit the road. Traffic started off alright but things slowed to a crawl fairly close to TO. You see down south rather than spreading their salt all over the road they like to dump it on a stretch of about 100m and have it and inch thick. It was basically like driving over gravel! Once I got passed the gravel pit it was smooth sailing from there on, in fact it was fast sailing. I looked down a few times and was like "oh crapola, that's fast" Here's my theory about the Corolla, you see he was driven by an old lady before and could never really break free from the harsh dictatorship she had over him. Now with me he was shy to start with, but he found himself on the road and released the inner car. I think he is finally happy, and has found family, myself and the road. I also believe that due to his shyness no name has jumped out at me. He has found his identity on the road and now needs identity in the form of a name. Some of you are thinking cars are girls, but really I think he is a boy. So I am taking suggestions for car names. He's a blue, 4-door, 86', hatchback, Corolla. Look how cute he is!

Ok so the rest of the day. I got home and showered and went for my apppointment at the health unit. I ended up getting 4 shots. Yellow fever (which has been know to have some not so fun side effects) Typhoid (which has been know to cause your arm to ache) Hep A, and a TB test(which makes this freaky bump in your arm). My left arm took the brunt of the pain by recieving 3 of the 4 shots. Actually typing this blog is hard...but anything for my adoring fans. I have had a head-ache(which is really rare) and last night as I was lying in bed and was overcome with dizziness. It felt so weird. Honestly I have never felt anything like it, I was spinning in my bed. So other than those minor side effects the shots were ok. After recieving my needles I proceeded to run a few errands then headed home.

That evening I had the privilage of meeting up with Angie before she left to see Melissa in Taiwan(a wee bit jealous I can't go...I MISS MELIS!) Her bus had an hour lay over in Sudbury, starting at 11:50pm. So the wonderful Angie and I had great conversations and laughed the whole time. It was an encouragment to talk with her and see her again. I was so happy we could spend some time catching up...although I am sure the other people at the bus station were annoyed with our constant laughter.

Wednesday morning I headed over to Laurentian University to met with a prof there. I am going back to school in September and need to get some things done before I go. The meeting went well and I have done all that I can at this time in those regards. I came home and did almost all of the things on my "to do" list. I was quite pleased. I then decided to reward myself with a nap.

Vanessa basketball team played Ryerson in their first playoff game. It was a rough and exciting game, but LU came through with the win. I thought Dorothy was gonna snap. She was so mad at the refs and the players. She had to leave Kari and I and go sit somewhere else. It was so funny. The game reminded me of the time Melissa and I were trashing an opposing player, only to look over a few minutes later to see her parents sitting RIGHT beside us. We tried to play it off that we were talking about another player...so slick!

Today is now Thursday, and I am back to work. A 2-day week! I am loving it! I have to get some pics developed today and get a perscription for Malaria pills, and talk to Pastor Jack. So a semi-busy night but do-able.

Mike, the guy I work with, is helping me with my blog. He has shown me so many little tricks. It's funny because people ACTUALLY think we are working on work...hahaha so foolish;)

Ok so you guys have some names to submit. I love the comments too. Keep'em coming!
Love and Peace!


  • At 4:03 AM , Blogger Kristin, Katrina & Nate said...

    Ok...not too original, but I'm thinking Corey. You know...you wanna keep it smooth, like "Vicky Veil!"
    Corey Corolla. I likey. Too bad you weren't in Taiwan. We could hook Corey up with Suzi Suzuki. Is he into scooters?

  • At 8:09 PM , Anonymous Jes said...

    I like the name Roller.

    My van's name is Jean Claude Damn Van, he's a piece of work.

  • At 11:39 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    haha...ok, i thouroughly enjoyed both the blog itself and katrina's comment...oh suzi, i miss you! anywhoo...my fave part of the blog was "people think we're ACTUALLY doing work" hahahaha!
    keep on blogging at work and you'll do just fine!


  • At 3:03 AM , Blogger Asylum said...

    haha, you guys are all killing me. Damn Van, I wish I thought of that first! Nice. To move along with Katrina's thinking, like Suzi Suzuki I am kitty kymco...so Im all up on the Cory Corolla (no e though...that's just g-a-y). Ok..hot stuff! Im out...keep on bloggin!
    The ASylum

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