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Monday, February 14, 2005

Waterloo weekend

So just how fast does an 86 Corolla go...That's right I took the first official roadie with the Corolla. HE liked it. Stopped in Nobel for gas and food and saw 4 people I new from the Timmies there.
Anyways the reason I came down was to meet with the ITeams group and get some more information as to what to do next and all that jazz. I hung out with Brian and his family. Man what a blessing it was to meet him and have him working with me in this mission.
The days meeting went really well. I got some direction as to time and budget and location and ministry and lots of stuff. I also got to met Jen for the first time and I can tell that we are going to get along so well. She totally rocks! I am confident in her ability and that brings me more confidence. So yeah good day filled with information. I feel very encouraged after today and feel God leading and guiding me into Africa. The people in Rwanda are hurting so badly, still feeling the effects of the genocides and now suffering from the horrible effects of AIDS/HIV. My heart goes out to the people. It is my hope and prayer that your hearts are touched by the people of Rwanda and that you will listen as the Lord speaks to you on what your role is in this country, for these people, and most importantly for God's glory. I hope you will start to consider partnering with me in prayer, and finacially. I challenge you to begin to pray about it and bring it before God.
Tomorrow I head back to Sudbury to get some shots! Woohoo! So I am going to relax tonight and header back in the AM. I am off to chill with Brian and his family on yet another dateless valentines day;)
Peace out, with love!


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