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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Suckered by the Saleswoman

As Angie Brohart and others can attest, I am quite capable and quite good at the art of "scamming". Rarely do I fall victim to the tricks of my own trade. Today I faultered.
It had been in my mind for sometime to purchase a digital camera and with a price range in mind I headed into Radio Shack. The digital cameras were right at the front so I started looking. Do you ever notice that when you are trying to look at things that the sales people just jump outta no-where! Well this lady scared the crap outta me, which was the first warning sign. She was very bright and cheery, actually a really nice girl. She told me all about this one camera that was really nice and was on for a GREAT price. I tried it out and it seemed nice, in fact quite nice. And here is where she went in for the kill.
"Why don't you try it out for 30 days and see what you think!" What could I do?! What could I say?! I froze like a deer in head lights and then uttered those painstacking words..."ok" She caught me in her web of sales tactics and I fell prey! Although I did get a sweet camera for a great price, so whose the big winner?...

Here are some lessons to be learned from the tricks of the sales person.
1) When entering a store know what you want and how much you wanna pay.
2) Always know where all employees are stationed and watch their movement carefully.
3) Be careful around cheerful employees...they are happy because they smell a sale.
4) Beware of the "try it out line". They all know we are too lazy to actually return it if we decide we don't want it. And with the price of gas it's actually cheaper to just stay home then to make the trip.

I hope these lessons will be learned before it is too late...learn well my young ones...learn well!

Peace out and happy camera-ing!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Back in the S-Dot!

I said some sad goodbyes and left Sault Ste. Marie on Tuesday morning. I forgot to stop at my mom’s work to say goodbye and remember when I was 30 minutes down the highway. So I turned around. This laps of judgment on my part set me back on my time schedule as I was planning to met with my good friend Jason Dunbar in Blind River. He is doing his teaching placement there and had his lunch break around the time I had PLANNED to be there. I arrived at the school 5 minutes before his class was to start. I was so encouraged to talked with Jason because he has friends that are going to be in Rwanda...in the capital!!! How cool AND he told me of me of some exciting news of his own...sounds like a road trip to Mexico! Whose in?
Jason also told me how much he loves to read my blog and how he is going to make some comments!!! Right Jason!
While in Blind River I also stopped at the local I.D.A. drugstore hoping that one Mr. Jeff Gordon...no not the race car driver, but another good friend. We had a nice chat in the pharmacy and I tried to convince Jeff and Jason that they should take a road trip to Sudbury on the weekend of April 8-10, my real friends would!
After leaving BR I stopped at the Wendy’s/Tim Horton’s near Espanola (or stinky town as I used to call it as a child). I was enjoying my spicy chicken when I looked over to see Nathan Mobach walk into the restaurant! I was so excited. We chatted it up and of course he got the invite for the weekend too. How fun!
So that was my adventure driving back from the Sault. Got to see 3 good friends, got some great singing and dancing in the car done and just enjoyed the time with God.

It has been brought to my attention that making comments can me hard. Ok well apparently Steph. B is just a wee bit slow. Below this post will be a line that says comments click on that...then click on post a comment...it’s pretty easy...and I LOVE COMMENTS!!!!!!


Saturday, March 26, 2005

Home for Easter

Sault Ste. Marie has certainly been blessed over the last few days as I have been gracing the city with my presence. Ok Ok, so the city didn't give me a key or anything but I have certainly enjoyed being back.

I owe a special thank you to my mom, aunt Deb, and cousin Alicia, who so graciously and talentedly made me some skirts and wraps for Africa. MERCI!

On thursday Sue. L and I went back to the ol' stomping grounds at SJD. It was great to see the few teacher we still knew. But we both commented on how old we felt being back. We also saw a friend we went to high school with who was doing his teaching placement at the Dunn. It brought back a lot of fond memories of highschool and how much fun I had. On friday night a few of us caught up for pizza and conversation. We stayed up talking till 1am. I was dead tired but I LOVED hanging with those girls! I had a great time.

Today we went to my aunt Lori's. It's been a while since I have seen them but they are so awesome. I love going to there house cause my aunt is so cool. My most favourite uncle, uncle Kip died in 98' in a car accident and my amazing aunt has done an awesome job with my cousins (along with uncle David). She gave me a journal and it had a really nice letter in it. It was great:)

Tomorrow I do a small presentation at St. John's. Should go ok. It only has to be about 5-10mins so I can handle it. Then Monday I will just relax and Tuesday I head back to Sudbury. I'm going to stop in Blind River and catch up with a friend, which will be quite exciting and then off to bible study for tuesday night. Good times!

Well I am outs, peace and love my friends!

p.s. 18 days till I leave!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Blogger slacker

It's true, I have become a blogger slacker. OH the shame! But I am trying to get back to it. It's been harder lately since I have been sick, but no excuses I take full responsibility for my slacking.

So things are going well for me besides this 2 week old cold that just won't go away. The count down to Rwanda get closer and closer, only 3 weeks left! Man I have a lot to do! Pressure is on, but it's good cause I am a clutch player, I love the pressure! Ok in game situation I like the pressure but not so much in this kinda situation. It's good though it'll all get done.

Speaking of games, I got to play volleyball this weekend in a co-ed tournament. It felt so good to be back on the court again. Actually an interesting story came out of the day. I was talking to a guy named Steve and it came out that I was going to Africa and he's like "really I am to...tomorrow!" How crazy is that! He's going to work there for 3 months and has been to Africa before. I grilled him on Africa and he very graciously humoured me and answered all my questions. Very nice guy! Have fun in Guinea Steve, let me know if your ever in Rwanda!

The Sault Star called me yesterday and I had a brief interview with them about my trip. I was kind of flattered when the reporter remembered my name from sports at the Dunn. Anyways there should be an article about my trip in an upcoming paper. Don't know who told them I would be going, but it's kinda cool and I am excited to see what the paper will say.

Steve, Kelly and the boys are gone to a funeral down south so I am home alone for the day. It's so freakishly quite when they are gone. I miss them.

And speaking of missing, I get to go home on wednesday. I am very excited to see family and friends, as it will probably be the last time I will see people before I go away. If anyone is in the Sault let me know and we can hang out. I will be home from the 23-29.

Well I hope all is well.
Peace out my friends,
Loveth Erin

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A sleeping baby...a smiling heart!

Today was a rather uneventful day. I was rudely awoken at 10am by a caller! how rude I was sleeping so nicely...just kidding I made my way outta bed and headed to the post office to mail a letter...yep that's about all I did. Brutal eh. Well not really. Rhuen fell asleep in my arms today and then I fell asleep too. There is nothing like holding a sleeping baby to make your heart smile. I can't wait till I have my own!
I also got to talk to the wonderful Angie Brohart who just returned from visiting the coolio Melissa Jakola in Taiwan. I was just thinking that I have the coolest friends in the world! Angie and I talked for 121 minutes! What...we had a lot of catching up to do! I am really hoping I will get to see her before I leave for Rwanda. So that was today. Kinda boring but a good day with the boys. I'll treasure these days when I am gone!
Peace out my faithful readers,

Monday, March 14, 2005

My DEEPEST apologises

My Faithful Readers
I owe you a big apology for I have been slacking much to long and have left you aching for an update. Here it is finally, you can now sleep at night
Ok so maybe you haven't been missing the blog that much but I am sorry I haven't been writing. Things are going great but very busy. I leave for Africa in less than a month. WOW! So much to do in so little time. Let me update you quickly on some things.
Work - Not! Haha ok what does that mean well my contracted ended and I am no longer with Wallbridge. I had good times there and I miss the people but it's so nice to be free to get things done for Africa. Mike and I worked together on my last day and had fun. Looking back we had some really fun and interesting times. BUT, let me tell you how nice it is to sleep in...umm well it's nice!
Money raising is going very well. Since I started asking for funds about 2 weeks ago God has given me over half of my funds for my trip. I have just over $5000.00 I have teared up more than a few times because of the generousity of people. For those of you who have given your gifts have not gone unnoticed and are VERY much appreciated...your treasures are in heaven!
Trip prep, well my shots are all taken care off and I have some things ready but this will take up a big chunk of my time. I need to get hiking shoes and capries and skirts and yeah lots of stuff. Where does the time go!
So things are going fairly well. If I stay on top of things they will go just fine.

Today I spent the day with Dale going shopping and getting his car fixed...very productive...well on his side! On a totally awesome note, the Cambrian woman's volleyball team came home from Nationals with a BRONZE medal! The medal could have been a different one but during the semi final that they were winning they lost a middle and had to play the game with out her. A new line up and some bad calls made the difference. But girls I am so proud of you! Take pride in your HUGE accomplishments, and don't think about the "what ifs" (I've been there and I know it's hard) but you have accomplished great things and there is more in store for you!

Things continue to go well at the Verduyn's. Rhuen is freak'n huge...that boy is growing so fast, he's so cute too! I love my boys. It's going to be so hard to leave them. They are my brothers. Kelly and I have gotten very close. She is like a sister to me and I love her. Speaking of family I get to see my soon!!! I am so excited! It will probably be the last time before I leave that I will go home. So it's really hard too. I am truly blessed for the family God has given me and I know that I don't tell them or show them how much I truly love and value them! So family I love you and I wouldn't trade you for any family in the world. You have given me so much. I have grown up happy and healthy and I have something alot of people don't...I like myself! I know that I can always be a better person and there are MANY things I need to improve on but I like who I have become and I like me. Thanks mom and dad!!!

OK well I am going to try to be more dilagent on my blogs and keep the updates...mmm updated. Alright peace and love,