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Monday, March 21, 2005

Blogger slacker

It's true, I have become a blogger slacker. OH the shame! But I am trying to get back to it. It's been harder lately since I have been sick, but no excuses I take full responsibility for my slacking.

So things are going well for me besides this 2 week old cold that just won't go away. The count down to Rwanda get closer and closer, only 3 weeks left! Man I have a lot to do! Pressure is on, but it's good cause I am a clutch player, I love the pressure! Ok in game situation I like the pressure but not so much in this kinda situation. It's good though it'll all get done.

Speaking of games, I got to play volleyball this weekend in a co-ed tournament. It felt so good to be back on the court again. Actually an interesting story came out of the day. I was talking to a guy named Steve and it came out that I was going to Africa and he's like "really I am to...tomorrow!" How crazy is that! He's going to work there for 3 months and has been to Africa before. I grilled him on Africa and he very graciously humoured me and answered all my questions. Very nice guy! Have fun in Guinea Steve, let me know if your ever in Rwanda!

The Sault Star called me yesterday and I had a brief interview with them about my trip. I was kind of flattered when the reporter remembered my name from sports at the Dunn. Anyways there should be an article about my trip in an upcoming paper. Don't know who told them I would be going, but it's kinda cool and I am excited to see what the paper will say.

Steve, Kelly and the boys are gone to a funeral down south so I am home alone for the day. It's so freakishly quite when they are gone. I miss them.

And speaking of missing, I get to go home on wednesday. I am very excited to see family and friends, as it will probably be the last time I will see people before I go away. If anyone is in the Sault let me know and we can hang out. I will be home from the 23-29.

Well I hope all is well.
Peace out my friends,
Loveth Erin


  • At 3:40 AM , Blogger Asylum said...

    Three weeks!! Soooooooooo exciting!!

  • At 7:02 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    hokey joe...i am a jerk face. I read the blogs, but dont comment. now is the time! so ya, that is pretty darn coolio that the reporter remembered you. sweet lovin! anywhoo...it feels like you're already in africa cause i never see you! sheesh!
    keep on bloggin



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