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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Suckered by the Saleswoman

As Angie Brohart and others can attest, I am quite capable and quite good at the art of "scamming". Rarely do I fall victim to the tricks of my own trade. Today I faultered.
It had been in my mind for sometime to purchase a digital camera and with a price range in mind I headed into Radio Shack. The digital cameras were right at the front so I started looking. Do you ever notice that when you are trying to look at things that the sales people just jump outta no-where! Well this lady scared the crap outta me, which was the first warning sign. She was very bright and cheery, actually a really nice girl. She told me all about this one camera that was really nice and was on for a GREAT price. I tried it out and it seemed nice, in fact quite nice. And here is where she went in for the kill.
"Why don't you try it out for 30 days and see what you think!" What could I do?! What could I say?! I froze like a deer in head lights and then uttered those painstacking words..."ok" She caught me in her web of sales tactics and I fell prey! Although I did get a sweet camera for a great price, so whose the big winner?...

Here are some lessons to be learned from the tricks of the sales person.
1) When entering a store know what you want and how much you wanna pay.
2) Always know where all employees are stationed and watch their movement carefully.
3) Be careful around cheerful employees...they are happy because they smell a sale.
4) Beware of the "try it out line". They all know we are too lazy to actually return it if we decide we don't want it. And with the price of gas it's actually cheaper to just stay home then to make the trip.

I hope these lessons will be learned before it is too late...learn well my young ones...learn well!

Peace out and happy camera-ing!


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