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Thursday, April 28, 2005

BIG steps!

Yesterday I took some major steps here in Rwanda. Jen and I came to town to do internet and then she left for lunch with a friend and I was in the streets of Kigali alone! I was kind of excited to be independent and alone. I easily managed to find myself something to eat and find my way to the bus park. And get on the right bus to meet up with Jen at Marion's (women's shelter type thingy). I was proud of myself and being able to get around even a little bit gave me a lot of confidence. I was even early to the woman's shelter and stopped for a coka (coke) at a near by store. So I sat eat my food, enjoyed some coka and watched a very staticy chanel on TV. I am very happy with how I did.

I am excited for tonight because I will be getting a phone call although at 2am, still cool. I talked about it in my blog yesterday.

Jen and I have been at meetings today. Discussing the different ministries I will be involved in. So far Sundays will be sunday school in the morning and teaching English to children in the afternoon. Tuesdays and thursdays I will be doing a kids type program in the afternoon and Fridays I will be teaching english in the afternoon. So my week is coming together nicely.

I must say that I have enjoy reading the comments so much lately. Vanessa thank you for telling me about your nice shower..grrr;) Oh well I will just go suntan:). Funny Ed that you asked what brings me to Rwanda. Yesterday Jen spoke at Marion's and after the service we sat around talking. Across the room from us a woman held her small child 1-2ish yrs old. I caught the little girls eyes and smiled, she returned the jesture and I waved. She began to wave so hard and kept smiling at me. I went over and held her. Her mother was HIV+, so it is likely that she is too. She was small and light and almost fragile, but had this look. A look I can't explain. Children are incredible and while I was holding her, the answer to that question was so clear. I am here to glorify God through serving these people, through holding a child, through caring for their needs, through loving these people.

Anyways I must be off we have some more meetings. I hope this blog finds you well.
Love, Erin
"God is love."
check out 1 John 4


  • At 12:17 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hey Erin,

    It's Allie, i'm not even sure if i'm doing this properly by writing here...but you'll either get it or you wont. First i've got to apologive for having took so long to write a comment. But none-the-less here i am writing to you. Yup.
    Anywho i really miss you. No more "i'll kill you" or talking/playing volleyball. And i have no one to stand beside at bible study that can block out my horrible voice (which is why i always stood beside you...if you can remeber me saying that one) but aside from all the mooshie stuff it's awesome to hear how God is working through you. It's so exciting to read what's going on down there. Well anyways i won't write too too much....wait i lied...i have more to say...so tomorrow Mark shultz and Geoff Moore are comign to sudbury!!!!!!!!!!!!! mark shultz sing the song that goes "Youare a child of mine, born of myown design.." and he sings "Give us clean hands, give us pure hearts" and "when you come home, run through the door and into my arms..." yup...i'm SUPER excited...i'll have fun for you!!! anywho....just a couple more things to add...I LOVE YOU!!!!!.....and God is so cool (and your cool too!)

  • At 1:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Erin, it is awsome that you discovered your reason for being in Rwanda. That is most excellent. I am also glad to see that you have a mission to experience. sweet.

    Keep up the good work, stay close to your vision. You have accomplished something that a lot of people don't think about.

    You are that small still voice in the wilderness that moves silently about. One of my profs told us to be the small still voice, for it is these small still voices that move mountains. Being in the right place at the right time which is God's time and place.

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