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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Last day in Canada

Hello friends
What a whirlwind of activities and emotions this past weekend! I was so touched by the love people showed me as I prepared to leave sudbury and now as I prepare to leave Canada (that sounds so weird). Sunday night I said goodbye to Stephen and Dale and Vanessa. 3 people I love deeply, but I managed to keep the tears at bay and not cry. Yesterday was another story as I had a rough day with emotions, having to say goodbye to the Verduyn's, hi and goodbye to a secret visitor(can I say yet??), and a goodbye to Angie and Cody after they dropped me off in Waterloo. That was an incredibly long run-on sentence!

Things are still kinda sureal. I fly out tonight from Toronto at 10pm, a nice 8 hour red-eye flight to FRANKFURT, GERMANY. when I arrive I will have a 3 hour layover before I depeart for ADDIS ABABA,ETHIOPIA. I arrive in Ethiopa at 23:05 their time. I have a 14 hour layover there and will go to a hotel to try to catch some Z's. My flight leaves Ethiopia at 13:15 their time and arrives in Kigali, Rwanda at 16:05 rwandan time. By the way just for your knowledge Rwanda is 8 hours ahead of the eastern time zone(ontario). It is 2 hours ahead of the UTC/GMT. So if you are elsewhere in the world and want a goodtime to call(first of all any call at anytime would be awesome and I will wake from the deepest sleep to talk to you) you can figure out the math.

Well I am just chill'n at International Teams right now, counting down the hours till departure!

Please know that your prayers and support has been a great comfort to me as I leave my comfort zone and head out into the unknown. I pray that God will watch over you and bring me back safely so that I can thank you in person for your prayers and faithfulness. May God bless you!
With much love!


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