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Monday, April 25, 2005


On saturday afternoon I got a phone call from my mom. Normally I would be happy for such a call but the news I recieved from the other end pierced me like a dagger to the heart. Sometime between the night of Thursday April 21 and the morning of Friday April 22, my Nana passed away.
This news came as a shock. It is so hard being so far away from family at this time but the people here have been so incredible supportive! I can't express how gratefull I am to them and their love. Also as I was checking my email and blog this morning I was reminded of how many people love me and care about me back at home.
While I long to be with my family, I feel a comfort here that brings some peace to my heart.
My Nana was a funny one. Every time I came over Nana would ask me if I had a boyfriend. Haha it makes me laugh thinking of it. She always had the best freezies too. It little things like that, that I have been thinking of, but pehaps the thing I remember most about Nana was her love and pride for her family. I know she loved everyone so much and was always so proud of us. She talked about us all the time and always aske how we were doing, being feel of joy when we were doing well. She was a great person and I will miss her alot.
I think about my family and how they are coping. My sister Amy is working on a cruiseship and will not be able to get home either. I pray that everyone is doing ok. Please keep them in your prayers.
I think I will end this blog short as it is hard for me to write right now. Please know that your prayers are appreciated and felt. And for those of you who commented or sent me emails, I will reply when I have more time, but for now I just need some time to think and pray.
Thank you for everything!!!! I can not express how much you mean to me!
Love Always, Erin
"The LORD is close to the brokenhearted
and saves those who are crushed in spirit. "
-Psalm 34:18


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