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Monday, April 11, 2005


Let me start out by saying that every person should have a friend as awesome as Vanessa. On Friday night as per the usual I headed to GPS, this week was at All Nation’s for the Edge. It was a great night and Lansing lead a great worship service. Half way through the evening I realized that I could not find my keys anywhere. Unknown to me my sneaky youth group had STOLEN them. Now I know your thinking ‘what kind of horrible unappreciative kids do that?’. Let me explain...under the direction of Vanessa the kids stole my keys to distract me from the real event of the night...my surprise going away party! While I was freaking out about my keys, Vanessa left to ‘pick up Dorothy’, where really she was setting up for the party. Tim C kept me at All Nations until he ‘found’ my keys. He some how manage to make me believe I had invited him to the Jakola’s, sneaky Tim! I didn’t suspect a thing, until I drove onto Aberdeen court and saw more than the regular amount of cars. I walked into the house to find a surprise going away party waiting for me and Kelly on her hands and knees cleaning Israel’s puke. It was awesome, well not the puke, the party! I was totally caught off guard. Sneaky Vanessa had been planning this rock’n trip for a long time and I was so impressed with her first throwing of a surprise party and my first surprise party. I had so much fun and it was great to hang out with my awesome GPSers. Vanessa you are the rock’n-est friend ever and I love you so much!

Saturday I left for Bruce Mines to meet my parents and drop off my car at Angie Brohart’s house. It was great that I got to see my parents again before I left. We had a nice visit, then we had to say goodbye. Even though I didn’t get home to much to visit I will still miss my parents. It’ll be different because here, I know that if I ever needed them my family would be there physically, but in Africa I can’t just pack up for the weekend and go home.

After my mom and dad left Angie, Cody, and I headed to Sudbury. After visiting with numerous family members on the way we ended up at Josh and Jess, and Emma and Matt’s for an intense game of pit. Great times!

Sunday morning arrived and I knew I would be in for some tears as I said goodbye to my church family. Another surprise came up on Sunday when Kelly and Vanessa sang a song for me for special music. “Your just a prayer away” was one of the most beautiful songs I had ever heard! Kelly and Vanessa touched my heart with their song and their love for me. I cried like a baby! Literally sobbing! Then I had to go up to the front. I composed myself rather quickly and spoke briefly about the trip. Vanessa, Kelly and I had a good laugh after when they both said that they couldn’t even look at me while they sang because they would have cried, and the reason they sang before I went up was because neither of them would have been able to sing had I gone up front first!!! Hahaha it was all good and their song was BEAUTIFUL! Such amazing voices! Saying goodbye to the people at church was harder than I thought. I was looking hideous with my nasty tear stains, red face and blood shot eyes!
After church I hung out at the Jakola’s. I had so much fun and I really needed that hang out time with Vanes. God has blessed me with some many amazing friends, and Vanessa has always been there for me. She gave me a going away gift that was along the same lines as her Taiwan journal that I had done for her last year. Among some snack and treats was a journal with jokes and poems and pictures and letter from friends. I cried when she gave it too me. I LOVE IT!!!! Vanessa you are my best friend and I love you so much. I am going to miss you like crazy and I don’t know how I can go that long with out having a conversation with you. You are always in my heart!

Sunday night after church (Eric spoke at church GOOD JOB ERIC!) we played games at the Jakola’s and I had another surprise...a nice ice cream “WE’LL MISS YOU ERIN!” cake. There were quite a few people over and Settlers and Quiddler were brought out for a classic Jakola house games night. I know that I will miss those GREATLY! After those games ended, most people had to go home, but Vanessa and Tim and Simone and myself started up a game of Pictionary. It was a good game but Vanessa and Tim came out on top. Although they rolled 6’s and had easy ones plus we always landed on all-play. None the less quite a SUPER fun evening.

Today I have been hanging out with my sistah Kelly. I love it. I am going to miss Kelly and Steve and the boys so much. When I think about not seeing them I can actually feel my heart sinking and I have to fight back tears. Tonight I will say goodbye to Vanessa, Stephen and Dale. I think they are my final big goodbyes before I leave tomorrow. Waterworks here we come.

Tomorrow Angie and Cody are driving me to Waterloo and I will chill there till my flight leaves on Wednesday night at 10pm. Yeah planes. Blah! Apparently there is a surprise person and story for me tomorrow...SO many surprises!!! I LOVE IT!

Well I guess that is it for now. Peace and love. God is awesome!


  • At 10:12 PM , Blogger Asylum said...

    Haha...SAPS! Good stuff though..wish I were there. I miss all the goings on at home....but hearing about it all is almost as good :|. ANywhoooo...have a super trip (scam the stewards for all they're worth!)...and keep us all posted. Loves and hugs from Taiwan.

  • At 6:31 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    saweeeet blog!
    you rock erin!



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