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Monday, May 02, 2005

Embassador #1

First and foremost you must all understand and know that everytime I check my blog and the email I laugh and smile! You are responsible for numerous stares as I have cracked up laughing so many times. And I am constantly smiling. Crazy muzunga! By the wat I think I have to agree with Theresa when I say Ed is kick'n everyones butt in the comment department!!! Ed you rock and I thank you for your encouragement!!!

Saturdays are turning out to be my day off/prep day. So we went for PIZZA with Marion (of the woman's shelter). Coming from Sault Ste. Marie home of the greatest pizza in Canada for sure, I had high standards on what good pizza should taste like. I was pleasantly surprised when tasted the pizza, although not quite as good as the Sault(is any pizza though?) it was still very good!

Later that evening Evelyn was having a family meeting at the house. To stay out of the way Jen and I took Deborah and Daniel to the Intercontinental, a hotel here. We arrived with UNO and SKIP-BO and planned to spend the evening playing games and relaxing. Which is what we did. We enjoyed wonderful milk shakes (which I downed in about 2.5 secs) and free Banana chips and potatoe chips. I was loving it. As we were playing a game of skip-bo a man came over to us, he was loud but funny, laughed alot. He was so curious about the game we were playing and watched intently. He was cheering for me to win so I was happy. Anyways after some friendly conversation he introduced himself as the Lybian Embassador. That's right we were max'n and relax'n with the embassador himself! AND he bought us all drinks (we had soda's) AND we also got an invitation to have lunch with him over a game of skip-bo. How coolio is that! Now we are trying to get as many Embassador's numbers as we can!

Things will start to pick up this week as there is a team coming on friday. There are 7 people coming and they will be here for 2 weeks. It kinda puts my ministries on hold because we will being doing more "1-time" things while there here. Like going to the refugee camp and stuff like that. Also internet will be EXTREMELY limited while they are here because our schedule in packed so don't worry if I seem to disappear for 2 weeks:) Keep praying for me.

Yesterday after church we went to the Novotel to relax before the team comes. I met 2 guys from Lebanon and a girl from India. I love meeting new people so it's nice when I do.

Just a note for anyone thinking of coming to Rwanda...the food is AMAZING! Oh my goodness I LOVE the food...wait a sec now pick up your jaws, yes that is right Erin the pickiest eater in the world LOVES the food here! BREATH...I know I am shocked too!

Tomorrow is my first children's program at the woman's association. I love the kids they are so cute...Aunt lori..how many do you want cause I found about 500 cute ones!

Friday is my first English class so me fallow Anglish techers anny addvice???;)

Ok well I am done for now I will try to blog before the team comes. I pray this blog finds you all well! I will leave you with a verse my friend Avril gave to me(the words are from different translations)

"Be still...Let go...Relax...Cease Striving... and KNOW that I AM God."
~Psalm 46:10

With much love,


  • At 10:08 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    That's a lot of information packed into a short blog, excellent work.
    The refuge camp will be an eye opener for sure if you haven't seen one already. My experience is only with evening news, but from what I have seen, my heart goes out to them. I hope it goes well with you when you visit this camp. From what I have seen, they can be pretty demanding.

    Often when we see things like this, we stop and ask ourselves why. We also say to God why as well. One thing I hae learned over the years is not to ask why, but to ask "Where is God in all of this?" and then "How can I find God in all of this?"

    These are questions I ended up asking once I became an amputee. These are questions I asked patients when did my internship as a Chaplain at Vancouver General Hospital. It is really difficult to ask these questions, far more difficult than asking why.

    Here I am writing a blog in a comment section. Sorry about that.

    Erin I'm glad you had time to read my blog. I know a lot of my stuff is political, but feel free to search for the two or three blogs I wrote on theology etc.

    Thank you for your comments as well.

    Oh yes, my favorite athelete would have to be Elvis as well, but that's because he and I had dinner together one night and that we were friends when he and I lived in Barrie. I trained at the same center where he trained and so we ran into each other alot.

    Swimming wise, my favourite would have to be Alex Bouman, Victor Davis, Tom Ponting, Vladimir Popov, Ian Thorp, Mike Phelps, and of course me.

    Well take care, God bless, and have a great week.

    Romans 5:1-5


  • At 7:19 AM , Blogger Asylum said...

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 7:21 AM , Blogger Asylum said...

    Ed...WOAH, I hope you realize the magnitude of your words...ERIN, Im sure, is experiencing pure joy just knowing that you know Elvis. She has a homemade collage of him above her bed...no lie.

    Ok...what I really wanted to say in my comment was...well it's more like a question: Erin, so what your saying is that they dont eat vegetables in Rwanda?? Weird.

    OK...be well and get eating (and working with the team)....peace.

  • At 11:40 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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