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Monday, June 20, 2005

First pic...finally

The team and myself at the Refugee camp


  • At 5:52 AM , Anonymous Theresa said...

    Erin -

    You want some comments? I'll give you a comment...the guy in the orange hat looks like he might be a very cute guy! ;)

    How do you like them apples?

    Just kidding. The blogs are great. I really enjoy reading them, with envy. The blog was a great idea for your trip. What are we going to do once you get back to Canada and start back to school and there are no Monday morning blogs to read? You've spoiled us.

    Anyways girly, enjoy the last half of your Rwanda time. Love you and praying.


  • At 6:23 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    YO...i concur with theresa

    so who are all these peeps in the pic? name them newspaper style (ie - front row...etc)

  • At 7:10 AM , Anonymous Sue :) said...

    You're wearing that great orange shirt you bought!
    I was wondering how long mail has been taking to get to you, I sent you some pics and hopefully they found there way there!!!

  • At 7:37 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    good pic Erin

  • At 7:25 AM , Anonymous Theresa said...

    Erin --

    Thought I'd let you know that I'm thinking of going to Youth Camp this year. If I do come, how fun a reunion that would be!! We are wanting to take a whole Moosonee crowd: Kathryn, Colleen, Gareth, Billy, Glenn, Matt, Heather and myself.

    I've been wanting to go, especially since you will be there after Rwanda, but didnt think I could get the time off, but if all our church college & careers people are going, Wendell will likely give me the time off.

    I seriously can't wait!! FUN TIMES!

  • At 8:29 PM , Anonymous Eric Withers said...

    Hey Erin,
    I just wanted to post a comment to let youknow that my commitment to pray for you every day while you are away has been holding up save 2 or three days total. I pray that you are staying strong in your personal walk with the Lord as well as you are serving Him in Rwanda.
    Kare and I are doing great by the by! I'm sure you must've wanted an update on that situation. As it looks, I will be moving out in February of next year down to St. Catharines where Kare will be taking Pstchology at Brock U. I plan to play football for my school for one more semester here in Sudbury, then head down early in Feb. as I plan to go to Brock the following September to take Criminology, Psychology or Sociology. Everything is going well here.
    Know that you continue to have daily prayer coming from this heart of mine, and that you are greatly missed and loved back here in the North (or West I should say)

    Much love,
    Eric S. Withers


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