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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

It's a small world!!!

So I get this message from Jen the other day asking if I knew a "Jennifer Provost" and I'm like sounds familiar but I don't think so. To make a potential long story short Jen meets this girl Jennifer Provost (who goes by Claire) at the bank in Kigali. It turns out she is a Canadian from none other than SUDBURY!!! Like holy cow that's awesome. So she is here till september and writing for the Sudbury Star. It sounded like she was very happy to met another Canadian. And I am very excited to met her as well. If anyone knows her let me know so we can hook up this Sudbury connection.

I went to the pre-school again today and as usual had my gang of children following me. I wish I could see it cause I am sure it is quite the site to see. 1 muzunga among about 30 kids.

Today is nice here but it has been very hot over the last few days. Melissa you would love it!

Anyways I just don't feel like typing anymore. I am going to go home and sleep...I feel a cold coming on!

Much love, Erin


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