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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Miss Canada Miss Universe

That's right even from the far off land of Rwanda I was able to watch the Miss Universe pagaent. Hey and WE WON!!! Yes miss Canada, when do we ever win tese things...I knew it too! Now for those of you who are like "I can't believe you watch that crap" I say to you, first of all we only have one chanel and second of all I cheer for my country and thirdly Canada is WAY to politically correct!!! Ok that's all of that.

3 sweet letters
A post card from Taiwan, mailed in Canada and sent to Rwanda. Angie Bro that is some great international mail, totally blessed my day. The second from my second grandparents Uncle Abe and Aunt Shirley. A very sweet card that encouraged me so much. And finally from my Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma is so awesome! I am so blessed to have such wonderful family! On both sides they rock!!!

A Great Revelation

Ok so what else has happened in the past few days...well pre-school and teaching english has been going well. I love my tuesday and thursday english class we laugh so much and they are really learning too. I am so proud of them!

Ok so I had this revelation wednesday as I was walking home from school. You see when I leave the school it is normally with at least 2 kids on each arm. Once the leave to go their seperate way I start to pick up stragglers. I love it cause I walk with this mob of children like everywhere I go. I wish I could get a picture. Anyways so as I walk often some little kid or big one will reach down and grab my hand and hold hands with me as we walk. I think it's great. I noticed on wednesday the faces of the adults who would stop what they were doing to watch the Muzunga and the mob walk by. It hit me then that this is a ministry. Most adults see kids as extra mouths to feed or more hands to do work, but they saw me touching and talking with their children. Not afraid or 'above' them in any way. They see that a white person can love their kids. What an incredible message and one I am excited to and priviledge to have. I came here to be a blessing and I am the ne being blessed. God is a great multitasker!

Well I am off to catch up on the email. For those of you who email and don't get many emails back I am sorry but am also so grateful for you love and emails! They make me smile everytime I come check. You are helping me more than you will know!

Until next time, with much love,

To be blessed you must be a blessing!!!


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