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Friday, June 17, 2005

My adoring Fans

Hey Hey my friends

Sorry Vanessa I should have explained the DISGUSTING thing. Man that was funny though. Vanessa is not disgusting I will clear that up right away.

Things in Kigali are hot! So hot it stiffling. I continue to watch the brown bath water come off my body. It's gross.

Yesterday was a fairly normal day. Went to the pre-schol then to teach. It is so awesome to see that my students are actually learning. I love teaching too.

Today I teach at Maureen's. The hard class to teach for me. But good news last week I found a really awesome website that will help me with my teaching. I am so happy about that.

Tomorrow we are helping at Vivant church. They are having a special day for the street kids (there's about 200-300 that will probably come) The youth at that church are incredible and serve their community so well. Jules, one of my friends here, is one of the leaders of the youth. He is an incredible guy with a huge heart for God. Pray that the day will be a success.

Well I should be running. Gotta teach soon.
With so much love, and MANY MANY blessings,