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Monday, June 20, 2005

Shame on you!!!

Mondays are normally such an exciting day for me, because I get to come to the internet and check my email and blog. Imagine my surprise when after 2 blogs there are no comments!!! For shame!!!
HAHAHA jokes, jokes it's all good! Well actually I do love the comments so get working people!;)

So on friday after the internet I went to Amy's to eat. I met a Swedish girl there who is friends with Christopher the guy I met there a few weeks ago. It was great to sit and chat with her.
Also on friday an older man at the internet, asked me if I was Irish. I told him I was Canadian and he said "Well you look Irish!" And Erin means 'Ireland'.

Friday night we headed to Vivant to prepare for the day with the Street Kids. Jen and I sorted through a couple hundred outfits for the kids. It was fun, we were sweaty and gross but we Canadian girls know how to work hard:)

Saturday morning we headed to Vivant. We arranged all the clothes into sections for size. The kids came in, in groups of 10. First they got their hair cut which they loved and then they came in to get some clothes. I loved dressing them. Especially the little kids, man they are cute! Some were picky about what they were getting, but we stayed firm, others tried to come in more then once. Most were so happy. 'thank you' 'merci, merci' and 'rackosay' came from their smiling faces. It was incredible to be apart of that day. While it was slow in the clothing room I went out and did some juggling with some kids. They loved it. How awesome that for oneday they could forget about all their troubles and worries and have fun...like kids should be doing!
When all the kids had their clothes, they had a singing and worship time together. Unfortunately there are no words in the english language to describe how incredible that time was. The kids were singing, dancing and laughing. They were being kids, something they rarely get to be. I found myself attached to a little girl about 3 or 4. She clung to me like there was no tomorrow. I really didn't care though. There was also a cute little boy there. About the same age. I had the 2 of them sitting on my lap. The little boy fell asleep there.
All 250 street kids where given a meal and a Coka or Fanta(pop) and the day soon ended. The experience was indescribable. I thanked Jules (a friend and leader of the Vivant youth) for allowing me to be a part of a day those kids will never forget.
When the kids were all gone we began clean up. I went to work moving benches and chairs. I noticed that everyone was like 'what the heck is up with this girl? moving heavy stuff'. It wasn't till later that Serge told me they were impressed and afraid. Haha. The guys were saying "her poor husband, she could beat him if she were mad at him" When he told me that I just laughed. Too funny. After we were finished at Vivant, Serge, Jules, Jen and I went back to our house for a movie and some dinner. I love hanging with those guys. They are so much fun!

Yesterday I taugh Sunday School. The past 2 times I have been there church was over 4 and a half hours long. Surely today will be different I thought...it was... 5 HOURS LATER!!!!! I couldn't believe it. I did during that time get a chance to talk to one of my english students. We talked about genocide and how Rwanda is now. His father was killed on the second day and his mother 2 weeks later. At 14 he was forced to take care of his younger sister who was 4 years old, and baby brother who was 6 months. I can't imagine what it was like for him to hide from the killers with 2 little ones and still be a child himself. I thank God for my parents.

Sunday afternoon Serge, Jules, Jen and I hung out again. It was very relaxing and needed.

Well I am to tired to type some more so this will be all of the blog for now.
Now you slackers I expect some comments;) But know that I love you and I miss you.
Love and Blessings,
Saturday was a


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