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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

1st package, 7th phone call, Lindsay is here...Life is good!

Wow I know it's been a little while...my apologise...the internet and I have been having a tiff lately and we weren't friends for a little while. Ok So what has happened in the last few days...well Lindsay is here and to say that I am super crazy excited about that would be a huge understatement! She rocks we have had so much fun. Being back at the lighthouse is great too. I love the staff and they were so happy to see me again, as was I. So Lindsay rocks and is very much like me...I know your all thinking troublew and your right! haha

Also The wonderful Miss Angie Brohart made the O'Canada ring tone on my phone play its sweet little tune! We had a great talk and it was really awesome talking to someone who has experience many of the same things I have experienced here. I know somethings will be hard to deal with coming back to Canada so I hope you will have patience for me. One thing I know I will struggle with is the death of my Nana. While I know its true she is gone...from over here it doesn't seem real.

My mom sent me a wicked awesome package! Thanks mom. I have already gotten into the rockets. I am really blessed to have such an awesome family back home. I really appreciate them!

So Rick Warren comes to Kigali today or tomorrow and apparently Laura Bush and Tony Blair's wife(I can't think of her name) will be here very soon. I hope to go to the stadium saturday to hear Mr. Warren speak. Should be good.

Well between chill'n with Linds, and learning to speak western English again, life is good. I hope this blog finds you all well.
p.s. yes I do arrive home on my birthday August 4...it's ok if you give me my presents late...that's acceptable.
p.p.s. BC would be rock'n but I basically have 1 week to recover before I life gets crazy.


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