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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

8 days till my birthday!

So since I am so much less busy than normal I though I would spend more time blogging and emailing. I love the internet, a little taste of home.

Things are heating up here in Kigali. Walking during the day is killer, the intensity of the heat is hard at times. Apparently it gets hotter in August. Yikers!

On friday we are going to Ginseyi. It's a city on Lake Kivu, that borders the Congo. I am really excited to rest and relax and debrief. Should be a great weekend.

Tomorrow is my last day of ministry work. I have my english class in the afternoon and then that's it. It definitly brings some mixed feelings into the picture. I am really excited to go back home but it will be hard leaving my friends here!

Speaking of coming home maybe it'd be good to talk about some "expectations" about coming back to Canada. Truth is I am not sure at all how I will react to coming back. I am quite sure though, that I will experience some kind of reverse culture shock. To what degree, well we'll find out. I will warn you of a few things you might notice are different with me. One is that I have stopped using the word "yes". Haha in this culture raising your eyebrows means yes and I love doing it so I literally have taken the word "yes" outta my vocab. Second thing, I look different...I have a SWEET tan on my face and arms...but since I only wear capris or skirts here my legs are scarey white! Just a warning. Third thing, I have noticed that my english is much simplier. So bear with me.
I hope that helps you. I guess the thing I will need most from you is prayer and patience...and lots of hugs:) haha

Well I hope you've started your shopping...only 8 days till my birthday!!!!!!!!:)
I pray this blog finds you all well.
Love and Blessings,


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