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Thursday, July 28, 2005


That's right my little baby (not really mine) is 1 year old today! I can hardly believe it. I miss that little guy! I miss all my little brothers! So Rhuen...happy birthday! I love you and a big high five from me:)

Yesterday I got a letter from a WONDERFUL person. She is sweet and kind and her name is Melissa Doner....One of my favourite things about Melissa is how she LOVED it when I used to throw rocks onto the roof of her cabin at night...great times eh Mel:) Thanks so much for the letter, you made my day!

Today was my last official day of ministry. It came with some mixed emotions. While I am excited to go home. Saying goodbye to my english class was very difficult and although I kept it together I did get a little choked up.

Tomorrow we head to Gisenyi for some MUCH needed R&R. I can't wait to go....actually I can't wait to be there. The 5 hour bus ride on very windy roads isn't too fun but it's all good. We come back Sunday night, so you probably won't hear from me till monday...which means I am expecting LOTS of comments...remember what Theresa said...beware of the wrath of Erin.

I pray this blog finds you well.
With so much love!

p.s. 7 days till my birthday!!!!!!!


  • At 12:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Erin!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait until you come home,girl! I am pumped to see you again... even drive in your car, lol! Hope you are having a great time maxxin' and relaxxin' down there in your last few days. We are waiting to recieve you back home with open arms...I am so proud of you. On Sunday the pastor was talking about "heroes of the faith" and you are definitely one of mine. love ya lots, Margaret

  • At 12:21 PM , Blogger Reality Ditch said...

    Happy birthday.
    And God bless.

    feel free to visit by my blog

    my fav verse Ephesians 6:10 - The Armor of God.

  • At 8:53 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the card for Rhuen. We played it over and over for him and he just sat on my lap and giggled with a big grin on his face. He is definitely growing up. We had a small cake ceremony with him (just me and the boys). I put a #1 candle on his slice and took a few pictures as he tried to eat it himself with a fork. I'll show them to you when you get back. All the boys ask me every day how soon you will be coming home. Aiden counts it by sleeps. Tonight when I tucked them in I told him only 6 maybe 7 more sleeps. He counted it out on his fingers and got really excited because that isn't very many left!! I'm working on getting the basement cleaned up so you don't trip and fall when you try to get into your room! Hopefully I'll get it done before you get back. That is my goal for the week. Enjoy your R&R and debrief. I'm sure it will take you a bit to settle back into Canadian living (especially the cold weather). We miss you lots and are looking forward to having you home.


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