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Saturday, July 02, 2005


It is truly an honour and a privilledge to be born in Canada. I love Canada! The people, the land, the culture. I love being Canadian. We took yesterday to celebrate our great nation. Our original plan to have a big party fell thought because of a funeral. So instead we invited Jules and Serge over, as well as Evelyn, Deborah and Daniel to enjoy a Canadian style lunch. Poutine...which was quite good. I went to town with the decorating. IT was red and white everywhere. We even had temporary tatoos(which of course I still have on). While Jen and the guys were in Burundi I had made up some sheets of Canadian facts. The read each one and were surprised with some the inventions and achievements of Canada. Rwanda is the smallest country in Africa and the most densely populated...They were astonished at the size of Canada and it's relatively same population. After a great lunch and great conversation we headed to Jules to watch a movie and relax. Serge was really impressed that we were so patriotic. He kept saying "you really love your country". I really do! I always have but being here makes me more patriotic. We aren't perfect but I love Canada.
I think we did Canada proud. I hope that all my fellow Canadians to time to express pride for our great country.

That's right my good friend Sue LeBlanc sent me an awesome letter with some pictures from her marathon and Pat's graduation. Classic Pat with the magazine!
As I read her letter a flood of wonderful memories from highschool came pouring back. I was so blessed to have the friends I had in highschool. We did so much fun stuff, and we did it with out alcohol or drugs. We really did have good clean fun. I can't remember how many times we play football in the school yard across from Sue and Pat's or cricket or hide-and-go-seek in the dark. When I remember those times I can't help but smile and laugh at the crazy and incredibly caring friends I had during my days at the Dunn. I loved highschool because of these friends. Thanks Sue so much for the letter. The pictures were awesome and now you have me craving DQ;) You're an awesome friend.

Almost got smucked!
Jen and I were walking to the bus park on wednesday afternoon. I was walking normal and causious(as always) when this biker(motorcycle) guy almost hit me. I jumped out of the way. We walked about 4 or 5 steps and all of a sudden heard this crash and yelling. I turned to see a policeman grab the guy from the bike and shove him against a bus, with a punch to the back. During the scramble the bike was still moving on the ground and came very close to hitting Jen, like literally centimeters. I was slightly ahead of Jen and both grabbed each other and hightailled outta there. They threw the guy and his bike in the back of a pick up truck and that was that.

My thursday english class went well considering my translator didn't show up. I had told them on tuesday I was going to give them facts on Canada and that's just what I did. It was a more relaxed setting and we had a great time. Teaching those men and women on tuesday and thursday afternoons has become my favourite ministry. It brings me so much joy to see how much fun they have and how much they are learning.

Who goes to Africa and gets fat???
The answer...ME. Seriously I think I'm getting fat here. How you ask?...well the food is freak'n good and there is no where to exercise! So it's quite easy to see how it could happen. Oh how I miss the gym. Cardio and weights...Dale and I yelling at each other to push harder...'Humbers doing it!'...the sweet smell of sweat after a hard work out...sigh...

Lindsey comes on friday...hehehe...I can't wait. She is travelling by herself which is kind of liberating but also a bit scarey...more so in Ethiopia trying to figure out where to go. Pray for her as see has a few long travelling days ahead. She leaves Wednesday night at 10pm EST. And arrives in Kigali around 4pm our time.

Elaine B. I remembered that you got married yesterday. Sorry I couldn't be there but I said a little prayer for you and I know that it must have been a very special day.

This blog has turned quite long. I miss you incredibly. I am very excited to see you all again. May God keep you safe until I can see you again.
With much love,


  • At 5:29 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    sweet blog! i hafta make a few comments:
    #1) temporary tattoos!! sweet lovin!
    #2) i know i suck...i need to, not just write letters, but actually put them in the mail.
    #3) i can't believe you actually 'miss the gym'! i wish i had that sense of longing for weights and cardio!
    #4) I MISS YOU!

    see you on your bday!!!

  • At 11:29 AM , Blogger Ed Doerksen said...

    Erin: Good to see that you're still doing well. I guess you have witnessed an arrest first hand, something that is quite different here in Canada. Likely a good thing you and your friend left the area.

    Anyways, you're still doing a great job from the postings you have made. You won't know quite what to do with yourself when you return home.

    You have a gift, continue to use it and build on it. You will be one of the heros these people will always remember.

    Your Canada sounds better than mine, but then being a lifeguard my Canada Day was spent watching a pool full of people.

    You take care. I always enjoy your postings as they bring home the reality of what goes on in places like Rwanda.

    God bless.

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