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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

What's in a name?; The power of acknowledgement

During my morning walks to school, more and more people say hi or wave or acknowledge me. Seeing me come regularly over these past few weeks and months has given these people some familiarity with me. It's incredible how far a smile can go! Have you ever noticed that the sound of your own name is kind of nice. When people acknowledge you as a person it generally tends to make you feel good. I am going to give all of you a special challenge for this week....talk! Talk to the people around you. Talk to the lady who gives you your Tim Horton's coffee, the mailman who brings you your mail. The clerk you are buying groceries from. Everyone loves to be acknowledged. The next time you see someone serving you with a name tag...use their name. If you show respect to people they will do the same. So step out of your comfort zone and talk. I have no special powers, I'm just an ordinary person who has been able to show the Rwandan people something that few white people have...love and compassion. I am no-where near perfect nor do I 'have it all together', but I do know that it doesn't take much to show love. That smiles are free yet priceless! Every child needs to feel loved. Every person needs to feel loved. Hugs are free yet priceless too!

July 4, marked the liberation from genocide. It was a day to remember those killed, but also to celebrate the freedom Rwanda now has. The president of Rwanda was there. He lead the RPF, the Rebel Army that stopped genocide. The more I hear about him the more I respect him. Serge and Jules say that there is no other person who could do what he is doing for Rwanda. Serge used to be a presidential guard and Jules works at the ministry of defense so they know what they are talking about. Deborah and Daniel go to the same school as his kids and Deborah told us that at least once a week he drops off and picks his kids up from school himself. Seriously how many presidents do that! He could very well get someone else to do it but I think because of the events of 1994 and previous he knows how important family is!

Jen just arrived at the internet and handed me a letter. CODY YOU ARE AWESOME. I haven't read it yet but I am so excited too. Cody you prove yourself worthy of my girl Angie all the time and I am so happy for the both of you. You will be such a blessing to so many people.

So my GPSers (my youth group) heads to Mexico on saturday. Guys I know you are going to have a great time. Be open to what God has planned for you. I am so proud of you all. Have a great time and let me know how things go. I'm praying for you!

Well that's about all she wrote for today. Remember smiles are free and priceless.


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    I just wanted to say that I am still praying for you and reading your blogs faithfully. I luv ya and I can't wait to hear these stories personally! Are you flying into Toronto? Melissa D

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