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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Well it has certainly been a long time with out a blog. My apologises. It seems lief has gotten crazy since I have returned from Africa. I have been adjusting fairly well to life back in Canada, for the most part. I must admit that somedays have been a struggle but those days are decreasing and the good days are increasing.
Things are getting back into full swing here in Sudbury. School is going fairly well and with a slight change in attitude(haha) I'm getting back into things. Bible study and youth group is started up again and I am excited for the year to come!
Kelly, her parents, and the boys just returned for a short trip down south. Passing throught the town of ERIN, Kelly snapped a picture of it's VERY fitting slogan
I must visit this wonderful place sometime.

On sunday I did my presentation at church. It went very well, or so I am told. This weekend coming up is our GPS fall retreat. I am very excited for it, should be good times. Hopefully Ariel we don't run into anymore bears of cops!!!
This week also marks my first assignment due...blah. Surprisingly I am pretty much done!
Well this blog is kinda stinky but I am lacking on inspiring stories to share. They will come don't you fret!
Love and peace


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