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Monday, September 26, 2005

More Roadie 2005 -PEI adventures

Due to the overwhelming 'loved the last blog' response I have decided to post bit and pieces of our journal...here is the PEI section...

After Elana’s history lesson concerning her family roots in NB and we headed into the city to view the tourist trap also known as Magnetic Hill. Yes after five dollars was ripped from our cold hard grasp, we proceeded up and down, up and down, up and down the hill and steering is a necessity with this maneuver. One lesson learned was that the vehicle should remain “on” during the tour so that use of the power steering and brakes can be utilized.
Confederation Bridge was crossed while listening to the electronic voice repeating tourist info. Upon the travels Tara again requested frequent pee breaks. What caused the breaking point with Angie was the third misattempt at shooting a fruit (unfinished) out the window resulting in the fruit landing once again in the bed of Danny D. Angie piped up “Tara by the end of this trip I am envisioning you with your hands tied behind your back and you dragging around a catheter.”
The first stop in PEI Island resulted in scouring the shore for precious finds in the fishing community of North Rustico. Lunch was had and we were off to visit the maritime legendary land of Green Gables. Only to or horror the charge for entrance into the tourist trap was a whopping $6.50 therefore the ladies bypassed the paying of the tickets and went straight for the exit. That is right. We cheaped our way out. The security of Green Gables had been breached by the ladies, one being a “cop”. Elana walked off with several of Anne’s crabapples. And this was a good thing you see because the Gable wasn’t as green as our nation makes it out to be. Don’t get me wrong…. It was “fine” but not worth our precious cashola.
We struck out from Avonlea and found out that sneaking in was not an option so we headed off to Summerside. En route we came across some young punks who were jumping off a bridge. Angie offered us $15 US each for Erin and Elana to jump off Stanley Bridge. Being the cash sucking leeches that they are, they accepted the challenge. The sea poop infested water felt great. After a few more jumps we heckled Angie to come jump. Angie debated and waited while Elana offered her some encouragement by offering her $15 bucks back. Before the words even came out of Elana’s mouth Angie was in the water. Tara called from below “did you guys push her?”, but no we had not, it was the sweet allure of cash that had sent her over the edge.
Prior to our jumps we had been the eye witnesses to a car accident. Had we been lying in the street we would have been killed.
With rats nest hair and the taste of salt still lingering in our mouths, Elana and Angie opted to take up their seats in the back of the truck and let the wind blow the dirt off. With wicked hair and wet clothes we showed up unannounced on Karen and John’s doorstep in Summerside. Erin’s mom had known the Meadows from babysitting their son Ian.
The Meadows offered us several sleeping accommodation suggestions; one included tenting in their backyard. With no reservation we accepted and broke out the still drenched tent from our previous weather predicament back in Maine. Dinner hosted by a slightly intoxicated John Meadows included rotisserie chicken on the barbie, cold brother to the blue lobster, and overcooked corn- according to Karen. Elana got a lobster shower compliments of the over zealous lobster chopper John and one too many tequilas. Those things have a lot of juice! Remember the white stuff means its good lobster. We dropped our utensils in a hurry and were on our way with Karen to the CELTIC show after realizing that the show was starting in less that ½ an hour. Reeking of lobster, we scored the VIP section beside the band of hotties. It took all the will power Elana could muster not to break out onto stage in song and dance with the wee performers. To our astonishment we learned that a BA in bag piping could be obtained through the school of piping,….thus the very same school the performers were studying at.
Leaving the concert with an exuberant amount of energy, the girls trekked over to a local 50’s diner for ice cream with Karen. The lure of the Juke box was especially enticing to Elana who proceeded to empty her pockets into the machine. Good times were had by all.
Arriving back at the truck we tried to gain entry to it. “where were the keys?” someone asked- all eyes turned to the infamous keys locked in the truck Angie Brohart. It is said the best predictor of future events is past ones. The classic Angie move was bound to happen. It wasn’t a matter of if…. but when.
The wonderful John blew up another air mattress so that we could all enjoy some spacious sleeping quarters. Tara and Angie crawled into their beds for a good nights rest. Elana and Erin took the other mattress. Their night started off well, but as the air slowly leaked out, the once flat mattress took on a V like shape. This new ditch caused the girls to slide into the middle for a major spooning session. Early that morn Erin woke to a slight drizzle. “guys I think it’s raining” Less than 10 minutes later the tent was packed up and the girls were hiding from the rain awaiting Mr. CAA man to open the truck.


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