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Friday, December 16, 2005

A peace of paper

So yesterday I started studying for my STATS exam tomorrow. I took the course online (envision) and he course consists of 2 assignments(25% each) and a final exam(50%). There are 13 unit and the exam covers them all.
Now my original plan was to do a unit a week and then for the final I wouldn't be too swamped and stressed...ok for those of you who know me and are laughing at the thought of me being so studious, you know already that that plan bombed BIG time. I may have done it for 1 week...maybe a week and a half.
So time for plan B study like a mad for 2 days and hope for the best. Yesterday I began to study, reading of the units, assignments. Our course package included a sample exam so I pulled it out and started doing it. After going through most of the exam I noticed on the front page something about bringing a calculator and a piece of paper. I had skimmed over this before, but this time took notice of the piece of paper comment. I read it a few times...could this be true...can I bring a cheat sheet in??? I read some more...it seems to be true. I left it alone for the day and went home to relax. Intending on spending most of friday at school studying.
It's now friday and I decide why don't I check the e-bulletin board for the course (which has been at my disposal for the entire course, and no it was not the first time I looked at it...it was the second) I search through all the different titlers and headings, until I found final exam. As I read the posts my hear filled with joy. To my delight it was true I could in fact bring 1 piece of paper with ANYTHING written on it into the exam. I was and still am so excited.
So that's what I have been doing. Working on my sheet of paper, that beautiful sheet of paper. In fact I don't think I have ever been so happy (or ever been happy) to write an exam...sigh!
So my last exam will be done tomorrow and I can finally relax. Or sweet relaxation, where have you gone my beautiful friend!
So to my fellow students keep on keeping on...you are almost done...study hard...write well.
Much love
p.s. someone around here smells like smoke...cigarettes are fithy McNasty!


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