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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Yes Heidi I do have something to share.

Many of you may already know this but I will confirm the rumours. Jason and I are engaged!!! And yes ladies the ring is GORGEOUS!!! (it's getting sized at the moment so I don't have it)
You all wanna hear the story I'm sure..well the girls do so here goes...

After coming home from a baseball, we stopped on the beach in Thessalon to take a walk along the water. I had suggested it'd be a nice night for it, since the sun was coming down. I played right into Jason's hand as that was what he had planned all along. We came back to the car and Jason said "I've got a little present for you". Since he normally brings me gum and it's a favourite of mine I piped up "ooo is it gum" He dug in his bag and turned around holding a ring box. I was stunned, I don't I took a breath for like a minute. The dictionary definition for stunned is:
"To daze or render senseless, by or as if by a blow.
To overwhelm or daze with a loud noise.
To stupefy, as with the emotional impact of an experience; astound."
That pretty well sums up what I was like.
He got down on one knee and said some really beautiful things...which I can't remember because I was still stunned. I do remember doing a laughing cry though. After he said his speach he said he was going to pray. That just blew me away because he prayed for God to help him love me the best way he could, amoung other things.
He then stood up and gave me the box...to which I said "You never asked" and he was like "Oh yeah! Will you marry me" and my answer was written all over my face "YES!!!"
It was a beautiful proposal.

The ring...ladies don't pretend you don't wanna know. It's BEAUTIFUL. White gold band with a single .33 karat diamond that glimmers in the dark it's so shiney! I could not have pick out a better ring. It is perfect. Unfortunately it's getting sized right now so I can't wear it.

So we are just starting to make wedding plans and all that kinda fun stuff. We have a wedding website but nothing is on it yet so I will let you know when we have more things booked.

So yeah that's my awesome, exciting news. God has given us the green light and we are going!

Many Blessings
Love Jason and Erin