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Monday, October 16, 2006


Here's to many more birthdays we can share together.
I love you
Your princess,

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

20 Red Roses

I've been going crazy with the pictures but that's ok...you haven't seen many posts lately so enjoy.
Last week I was in Sudbury for 2 showers (only 1 I knew about...pictures and stories to come) But when I came home Jason had brought me 20 (BEAUTIFUL) red roses...for no reason other than he loves me. He's a sweetie. I love him.

They smelt SO good.

I just love them

The man of the hour


Well that's all she wrote.
Loveth Erin
p.s. 17 days

A Day on the farm with Tim and Vanessa

On thanksgiving monday, Tim and Vanessa joined us for fun times on the farm. Here were some of the fun activities.

Tim and Vanessa with a wee kitty.

The Kitten was alone and hungry so we tried to help it drink.


Fairly unsuccessfully

We took Tim and Vanessa for a Quad ride to see the farm...it went well till one of the quads busted...no worries we made it back no problem.

Then some target practise

Vanessa's target...hahaha jokes jokes.

The gang

Jason and I had a great time with Timmer and Vester, come visit anytime guys...HOT TUB!!!
Love Jason and Erin

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Aubrey Falls with the other future Mr. & Mrs. J. Stewart

The day after the barn party Jonathan(Jason's cousin and best man) and Marney(Jon's fiance) joined us for a hike to Aubrey falls...good times...good times.

Jason and Erin

Jonathan, Marney, Erin and Jason

Jon and Marney

I just love this picture...don't know why

This picture I also love...but I know why...check out Jon's expression. He was late on the self timer...behind us is like a 500 foot cliff too.

After some reorganization we got this picture...good job Jon.

Hey look..something cool

T'was a grand day with grand friends.
Love, Jason and Erin

Pictures as promised


Good ol' barn yard games

The happy couple

Some of our awesome guests

Thank you so much to everyone who had a part in the best barn party ever
With much love and gratitude
Jason and Erin