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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Welcome Vanessa

That's right the rumours are true!!! Vanessa has joined the world of blogging. We welcome you with open arms into the club Vanessa.
It is a fun and fasinating world as you discover more and more tricks to do. I will warn you that it comes with a burden. A burden to keep your readers informed and updated. Sadly I have slacked from time to time and as a result readers like you have suffered as they try to learn more about my life, and use the blog reading as a procrastination tool. Take this responsibility with caution and respect, and fly little butterfly...fly!
You can access Vanessa blog by clicking on the link on the right hand side (labelled "Vanessa") or click here
Know I know some of you are thinking HYPOCRITE, she's a blog slacker. I know I know and all I can do it say I am sorry!
Alright enjoy the blogs
Love Erin
p.s. did anyone notice it was Vanessa the puppy in the picture...haha so funny and so cute, but seriously the human Vanessa does have a blog so check it out!

Monday, November 20, 2006

'Lady' the tramp

Lady is the Stewart's dog (sr.) and she just had puppies. I named one Vanessa, after Vanessa.
Here's are some pics of when Katrina, Melissa and Nate stopped in.
Love Erin

Nate was a little scared
Melissa Katrina and Vanessa

Friday, November 17, 2006

The Happy Couple

Hello Friends
Ok so the only reason I posted this was cause I wanted to the change my profile picture and this is the only way I know how.
Also I'm looking for feedback on the new design...yes...no...barf??? Let me know what you readers think, after all I do it all for you!
Also when I was changing the blog I lost all the links I had so if you are no longer a link on my blog please tell me and I will add you again!
Love Erin

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pre Ceremony and Ceremony pics

Here are some pictures from the ceremony and before the ceremony. If you click on the picture you can enlarge them for better viewing
Love Jason and Erin

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Well Julie you called me on it and I am woman enough to owe up. Yes I reposted pictures in hopes of holding off on the blogging. My apologies. My excuse, not that you'll buy it, is that I have been busy with post-wedding stuff. I am STILL writing thank you cards for all of the awesome and generous people who supported Jason and I.

The verdict on married life thus far...AWESOME!!! Way better than I anticipated. Each day I appreciate more and more the man that Jason is. I got myself the best one. (other married women may disagree with this but to avoid arguement I will say that I got the best one for me). The other day Jason and I were talking about what the best thing about being married is. We came up with a few. But lets get the readers involved. Married or unmarried what do you think the best part of being married is (or would be)?

Ok, for those of you who weren't at the wedding I will try my best to fill you in on details. The day started with myself and the girls, Vanessa, Melissa and Angie going to get our hair done. The guys were in Thessalon doing some target practice.
I alway wondered what went through a brides mind the day before and the day of the wedding.
I remember that I was anxious. Not nervous or scared but just ready to marry Jason. It was as if time was going backwards. I kept checking the clock to see how we were doing. Everything went so smoothly and we were back in Thessalon with PLENTY of time before the wedding.
The hardest part of the whole day was the waiting. I was just so eager to get married.

If I had asked everyone before the wedding day if I would be crying during the wedding, I bet 90% of answer would be something like "are you kidding! Of course!" and to be honest that would have been my answer. The truth is I didn't cry! Seriously not a tear! I came close during Kelly's song and when I walked down the aisle cause I was looking at Jason who did tear up. The only time I cried was when I was attemping to say my thank yous at the end of the night, and during the father/daughter dannce. I mean I don't want to brag but I was impressed with myself.

So the wedding itself was a beautiful ceremony, short and sweet, traditional and lovely. Kelly sang a beautiful song (When God Made You - Newsong) and my sisters sang another beautiful song as well (Home - Chantal Kreviazuk).

It rained the day of the wedding, so we headed to the Tulloch's to take pictures. They have a gorgeous house and we got some great pictures. We even ventured outside to get some shots. It was FREEZING! But our bridesmaids and groomsmen were good sports and stood out in the cold for us.

On a side note I just want to say that I had the best bridesmaids in the world.
Angie is someone I have looked up to for a long time. Angie is someone whose love for Christ is so transparent. We have had some amazingly fun times travelling across the country. We have stayed up wait to late, way to many times, having some amzing conversations.
Melissa combined with me creates a totally awesome and fun time. Melissa is a unique person, unlike anyone I have every met. She has the ability to have fun in any situation. She also has one of the most compassionate hearts I've ever seen. One memory that sticks out in my mind, is watching the Keith Green DVD with Melis and both of us clinging to our seats and our kleenex.
Vanessa is my best friend, who as she put it has been inseperable from me since I came to sudbury. We have spent so much time together that it's hard to pick which story is the best. I do recall one of our sleep over - single bed partys where scooter the cat tried to bust down the door with her head, or perhaps the time we were playing games and I had to get her to say Nadia Commanci...haha (yes I realize Vanessa and I are the only ones who get that joke). We have had so many fun times. We've had so many great conversations. We've had many tears and hugs. I trust Vanessa and I love having her to confide in. She has been a rock in my life and I am better for knowing her. She could blackmail me with the information she's got on me, but she uses that information to build me up. I sometimes think we were twins seperated at birth(yes we're 2 years apart).
All these girls mean so much to mean and I am a better person because of the influence they have each been in my life.

Ok back to the wedding. The reception was sports themed, with each table decorated in a particular sport.
We started by entering the hall through a archway of hockey sticks then we busted through a banner (like in football games). Our guests enjoyed Mrs. B's pizza, wings, nachos and cheese, salsa, veggie trays, and great cake.

Jonathan Stewart, Jason's cousin and the best man, made a great speach, that was funny and touching. The girls had the funniest speach, yes comparing Jason to Elvis Stojko, 'uncanny resemblence'. My sisters wrote a song, our parents gave short sweet speaches and we thanked the people mainly involved. I feel though that we couldn't have thanked people enough.

That was pretty much the wedding day. I had a fantastic time. But I am curious to know what those who attended thought. Please tell us what you liked or even disliked about our wedding.

Alright I need to get back to work on the thank you cards. I hope this makes up for my lack of blogging.
Enjoy, Love

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mr & Mrs. Stewart

MARRIED!!! Jason and I were married on October 28th, 2006. It was an awesome day and I promise more pictures and details to come, for now here are some pictures from friends of mine.
Love Erin Stewart;)
p.s. If you click on the "Jessica's Blog" on the right hand side you will see some more pictures there. (Under Stewart Wedding)

The most GORGEOUS and GREATEST bridesmaids in the history of the world!(L-R) Angie, Melissa, and Vanessa
Entering the chapel with my dad
Almost there
You may kiss your bride!

Julie said it best...welcome to the Jakola family Jason!